Conveyor Belt Inspection Comprehensive visual examination of conveyor belts for defects in clip joins, splice joins, edges and the surface.
Conveyor Belt Monitoring The process of observing and flagging belt defects as they develop over time.
Clip Mechanical join
Splice Vulcanized join
Fault Also surface fault. Any visible damage anywhere on the carry side of conveyor surface automatically detected and highlighted by the system and identified by its location and size. Browser provides direct access to faults without the need of sequential scrolling.
Machine Vision Technology that uses the analysis of images to extract data for controlling a process or activity.
Event A flagged location on the belt. The operator has instant access to event images.
Belt segment The stretch of the conveyor between two joins identified by the sequential number, the type of the leading join, the distance from the marker, and its length.
Reference Location Belt location where physical marker is placed. It provides the reference point for the belt metrics. Designates the "start" of the belt.
Belt structure The list of all belt segments.
Absolute distance Distance from the marker to a particular belt location.
Relative distance Distance from the start of the segment to a particular belt location.
Imaging Server Underground computer responsible for capturing and processing of belt images.
User workstation Surface computer with two-monitor configuration used by operator to browse and analyse belt images.